Uncle Scrooge McDuck – His Life & Times

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This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful Disney books ever released. It was also the book that initiated the era of Carl Barks’ Disney lithographs. The book was published in 1981 by Another Rainbow, and no expenses were spared on the attention to detail in this lovely, leather-bound luxury edition. The book is limited to 5000 numbered copies and contains 376 pages. Its contents include, among other things, 11 Barks stories and a special story called “Go Slowly, Sands of Time,” which was made ​​especially for this release. The book is accompanied by a signed and identically numbered lithograph titled “Wanderers Of Wonderlands”. Many of these sets consisting of book + lithograph have been separated through the years, so today the are not that many complete sets left on the market. Furthermore, many of the lowest-numbered sets are no longer complete. In fact, this set – which is # 87/5000 – represents the lowest numbered and complete set we have ever seen. Its provenance is also top notch. The book has previously belonged to the major collector, Kerby Konfer, who is the person who owned most of Carl Barks’ original oil paintings at once (somewhere between 20 and 40 paintings). This is a superb book which should be included in all serious Disney collections.