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Camillo Agrippa's Scientia d'Arme from 1553

This is a complete and quite high resolution scan of the first edition of Agrippa's amazing work, which has recently been published in translation by both Ken Mondschein and Jherek Swanger. I don't own an original, sadly, so this is just something I found on the interwebs using my mad google-fu and some cash.

You can have it for free and without obligation of any kind. If you think this is useful and/or beautiful, feel free to show your appreciation by paying something for it, or by buying one of my other books. Thanks!

Recreating historical swordsmanship systems from their sources is very difficult for most people. If you find it so, don’t worry, I’m here to help. I have created an online course to help you acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to create a useful training syllabus from the historical source you’re most interested in.

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