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Your expert guide that shows you how to have successful video conference calls and meetings.

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Quick & Easy: This course should take about 1 hour to complete.

Do you struggle with video conferencing? Do they lack sparkle? Are you worried you’re not presenting your best self to colleagues or clients?

In this guide you’ll learn how to look your best so people pay attention; moderate your video call meetings so they are well structured; and engage your colleagues and clients with content they can easily follow.

  • Use techniques the TV professionals use to look your best and perform well on camera.
  • Prepare what to say so you are concise, compelling and sound confident.
  • Moderate a successful call, so your ‘audience’ stays engaged and feels included.

Course materials

This course is made up of three videos to watch with accompanying written materials. Watch the videos and browse the text version. Included is a PDF FACE planner that you can use to prepare what to say.

Video 1: The visual stuff

How to set up your position in front of the camera on your computer or device, to get the best look on your video calls.

Video 2: Your content

Whether you are hosting a conference call or just appearing on it, this shows you how to prepare and get heard.

Video 3: Your performance

Conference calls are like face to face meetings, this shows you how to bring your best self to the call, look engaged and stand out.

Also included PDF: Prepare what to say using FACE.

A quick way to prepare concise, compelling and confident sounding content.