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Game Worn Guides / William Henderson

Game Worn Guides / William Henderson

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The 1970-2020 Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys by William F. Henderson, 9th edition

The new-for-2020 Ninth Edition of this indispensable reference for the trade and collectors. Now at 4300+ pages- Immediate download of PDF file at purchase. Covers fifty one years of on field MLB uniform history- 1970-2020. This is a downloadable E-Book, no hard copy is offered.

What’s new:

  • 4300 e-pages: 700+ new pages of information since the prior 2017 edition, with more than 925 other pages updated with new facts, better photographs and corrected information.
  • Every home/road/alternate team uniform change for every team since the last edition of 2017
  • Detail on the new 2020 Nike on-field jerseys for each team
  • Every patch worn by each team, including all one-day memorials
  • A photo-record of every St. Patrick’s, Turn Back the Clock game, and Ethnic Heritage jersey
  • All the new-for-2018-2020 Spring Training jerseys, and the new styles of Nike BP jerseys for 2020
  • A chapter covering the Washington Senators, 1970-1971
  • Every one of the Memorial Day, Independence Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day game uniforms for every year each has been worn, all the announced 2020 designs.·
  • An expanded chapter with “Stitchers’ Stories” – candid memories from more than a half dozen people on the inside who design and sew player uniforms
  • More information on avoiding fakes and counterfeits
  • A whole big-bunch of newly found oddballs, prototypes and arcane details that we are known for, in our obsessive quest for completeness.
  • An overview of The Dream Shop, my new jersey restoration customization and authentication endeavor.

Also inside:

Chapters on determining game jersey authenticity; avoiding fake jerseys; fabrics trim and lettering; manufacturer tagging secrets; Batting Practice and Spring Training jerseys, a 40-question “Game Worn Exam” test of your skill at recognizing Game jerseys; and an overview and samples of all the team fonts used in the past 50 years.

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