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Game Worn Guides / William Henderson

Game Worn Guides / William Henderson

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Game Worn Guide to Colorado Rockies Jerseys (1993-2020)

This is the team-specific edited edition of the full Game Worn Guide. It is delivered as an ebook, immediately downloadable as a PDF file that is portable to nearly every smart device, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS (iPad and iPhone) and color e-readers like the Kindle Fire, using free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software.

We don't recommend it for monochrome e-readers because this is a color book with thousands of photos. And while it works great on smart phones, the writing is pretty small, so we recommend that you have another device as your primary viewing device.

1) It includes the full guide's complete chapter detailing with text and photographs the jerseys worn by The Rockies 1993 through 2020.

2) It includes eleven other complete chapters from the unabridged Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys that are relevant to all teams. These are: Introduction to Game Worn Jerseys; Basics- Fabrics, Trim and Lettering; Manufacturer Tagging; Commemorative Patches; Special Event Jersey History; Detecting Fake /Counterfeit Authentics; Game Worn Jersey Authentication Tips; Batting Practice Jersey Overview; Reader Questions; and an introduction to The Dream Shop.

A bonus upgrade coupon for $10 off the price of the full Game Worn Guide to MLB Jerseys is included with purchase, should you wish to upgrade to the full 32-team edition.

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